When is the best time of year to sell?

Understandably anyone thinking about moving home in 2016 may be asking this question.

Traditionally May and June have always been perceived to be the best months to sell, but looking back at the last few years, some of the best sales have taken place in January, February or March.

Getting the timing right and identifying exactly when the market is going to be at its strongest in any given year is an impossible thing to predict. An example: we agreed five sales in the week leading up to Christmas Day! It is certainly true that the seasonal market seems to have dissipated.

When it comes to timing, my advice is that it is much better to take a practical approach and not to try and chase the market. No one can foresee or control fluctuations in the housing market, so concentrate on the things you can control.

The festive period may be a time for turkey, TV, and celebrating with family and friends, but the immediate aftermath is an excellent time to think about your current home and whether it’s really right for your current circumstances.

If you are determined to move, then don’t be put off from taking the leap and adopting the view that the market will somehow be ‘better’ in the months to come.

With the start of the New Year there will be a peppering of two types of buyer: brand-new ones and those re-entering the market after trying, but failing, to buy the previous year.

And because of the time of year, there are usually fewer properties for sale but still plenty of potential buyers, making January, February and March a period of lower supply but higher demand. This is no bad thing for vendors.

So if you want to move, put your thoughts into action. Remember that getting the best out of a sale is down to you and the agent you choose to work with, not what will or will not happen to property prices further down the line.