For valuations and viewings we will:

Ensure our property details give as full and accurate a picture as possible to reduce unnecessary viewings.

Request viewers confirm they are free of symptoms before an appointment. If anyone does have symptoms, we will not be able to conduct the viewing.

Sanitise hands before entering a property or wear protective gloves.

Remain at least 2 metres apart and wear face coverings when this is not possible.

Keep printed items (brochures, letters etc) to a minimum.

Not conduct ‘open houses’ and allow plenty of time between viewings to prevent social contact.

Request buyers only view properties after fully viewing details and video tours online and after discussing the property with us.

Request buyers only view properties if they are in a position to be able to proceed with a purchase.

Request buyers wash/sanitise hands before and after a viewing or wear disposable gloves and refrain from touching anything in the house.

Request viewers make their own way to a property.

Have no more than two people from the same household viewing a property at one time.

Request owners open all internal doors and turn on appropriate lights.

Request owners vacate their homes for the duration of the viewing. 

Full details of Government guidance can be found here: